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e-SolarGex Solar Generator 1.5KWh Energy Storage



This is a portable multi-functional power source that can store energy with lithium-ion battery pack and power many kinds of electric devices by its outputs such as AC, USB, Type-C, DC, Car Cigar-lighter. It is widely used for outdoor working, camping, or any emergency condition that needs electrical supply but without utility power. Solar power charging function makes it a “ready to use” ideal power partner for off-grid living.


• Outdoor power supply for lighting,cooking and entertainment. • Backup power supply for emergency conditions. • Stable power source of mobile phone, tablet, digital camera, wifi router, CPAP, drone, lamp, fan, TV, Refrigerator, laptop, etc.


• Compact & Light Weight. • 1500Wh Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage. • Dual AC output rated 1000W (110V or 220V), 1200W (peak) • Wide rage DC output (5V~20V) • Advanced built-in BMS and multi-protection function. • LCD display to show work status and power consumption. • Support multiple recharging ways. • Support Solar Power Charging (MPPT). • Internet Of Things compatible. • >1000times at DOD80%.
Module Model e-SolarGex 1500
Battery Cell Lithium-ion INR18650P (LG)
Capacity 14.8V 101.3AH (1500Wh)
Service Life >1000 cycles
BMS (Battery Management System) Multiple Safety Protection: over-load, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short circuit.
DC Output
USB/USB QC3.0 2*5V2A; 2 *5V3A
USB C(Type-C) 1*Type C PD3.0 5~20V 45W (max.)
12V DC 1*12V/10A (Cigar lighter)
Efficiency >93% at 70% of full loading
AC Output (Inverter)
Rated Output Voltage 100~240V (Customized according to different countries and regions)
Output Frequency 60Hz/50Hz (Depends on factory setting according to different countries and regions)
Output Voltage Type Modified Pure Sine Wave
Output Socket Customized according to different countries
Output Power 2 *1000W
Output Peak Power 2 *1000W
Output Peak Power 1200W (5seconds)
Efficiency >90% at 70% of full loading
Input (Recharge)
AC Charge AC-DC Adaptor (CC/CV) 500W max., (DC7.9x5.5mm)
PV/Solar Charge MPPT, Input voltage range : 14~60V, 500W max., (DC7.9x5.5mm)
Car Charger Car input voltage range : 13-24V, Charge current:10A max
Battery Status Digital battery capacity, battery image flashing while
Working Status Discharging, Recharging
Erro Code E01-E99, Refer to user manual
Working Condition
Charge Temperature
Discharge Temperature
Operation Humidity 10% ~ 90%
LED Lighting
Heat Dissipation Air cooling, Aluminum housing
IP rate To prevent the spraying water from vertical direction angle less than 60 degrees
Self-consumption <100uA(turn-off)
Dimensions & Weight 371*165*365mm(include height of handle), 17.2kg